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Inefficiencies in the Real Estate Business

 Where do you start when you decide to view the inefficiencies in your business? I guess the best place to start is at the beginning of your day. Examine what you do and how you do it, than TRY and develop a solution to the questions you have come upon and implement that solution. Of all the things that we have to do implementation is the easiest yet the thing most often left undone.

 So starting at the beginning of the day we have turned on our computer.  I watch so many agents fumble with using windows based programs. Not understand the tools they use every day. So, that is the first and easiest inefficiency to correct. There are many on-line classes and just going through the help screens (F1 on your keyboard) will make a huge difference in time saved. Shortcuts are great ways to save time and expedite the creation of documents and flyers. Make templates, cut, copy and paste, and all of the other commands will save you so much time.

 Another inefficiency that is easily corrected in the use of PDF’s. Virtually all the documents we use in the course of our business day are received and sent in the pdf format. Yet so many agents have no idea how to work with them, modify them, separate pages from them and auto-sign them. A great program to work with pdf docs is NITRO PDF Professional. It gives you all of the tools to save a great deal of time in your business and maximize your efficiency in dealing with transmitted documents.

 Then there are smart phones and tablets. How many agents are willing to or have to go all the way back to the office to check email, download docs or transmit docs to others when they can pull over to the side of the road in their car, open there Tablet, IPad®  or Smartphone and be done with the task in seconds. I know, you all think everyone has these already, well that is certainly not true. Having these items and a portable scanner in your car creates a virtual office. You can be anywhere and conduct your business as well as if not more efficiently than in your office.

 If you blog a lot, write a newsletter or just do a great deal of typing look into Dragon software by Nuance. It will save you a lot of time and give you the opportunity to get more productive things done in your business. Check the hardware requirements before you buy this though. You want to have newer hardware (computer) for maximum efficiency.

 There are programs for allowing electronic remote signing, like Docusign (which is the easiest and most accepted one). These programs are widely accepted in the marketplace though on bank owned (REO) and Short Sales their acceptance is sporadic. You have to check with the selling agent or the service to see if they are accepting non-wet or electronic signatures. This is where the future is going though, and acceptance and use is growing every day.

 There are also programs to assist you in the course of your Social Media life. Programs like HootSuite and DropBox can save you tons of time and make so much more information available to you and about you. It is all about finding the areas of the day that are taking a great deal of time and finding the tools that with help you.

 There are many ways to decrease your inefficiency in the course of a day. With the rising cost of gasoline and maintenance of your vehicle you should be looking for every way you can to save travel time and money not to mention saving time and improving your QUALITY OF LIFE and INCOME. But you must IMPLEMENT the tools that you decide on and enjoy the free time!


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Inefficiencies in the Real Estate Business
Where do you start when you decide to view the inefficiencies in your business? I guess the best place to start is at the beginning of your day. Examine what you do and how you do it, than TRY and develop a solution to the questions you have come… more
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